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Fred's Roast

ROCKY TOP AFTER DARK - Brazil Dark Roast

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Up on old Rocky top, the dark, nighttime sky is dotted with infinite stars, and there is a feeling of secluded comfort. Everything feels right and sipping on this Brazilian dark roast, sets a similar mood.

Our first dark roast comes from Fazenda da Lagoa, a small farm situated 1,100 meters above sea level near the town of Santo Antonio do Amparo. Its 2,850 hectares include a natural reserve, woodlands, pastures and 1,500 hectares of coffees. Streams from 40 natural springs provide water to the land and gradually converge into two small rivers that mark the borders of the grounds and are the water source for the closest large town. 

This is a dark roast, a Full City roast and similar to a light French/Vienna.  

Cupping notes: Well-rounded acidity, good body, pleasant sweetness, good complexity, soft nutty characteristics, chocolate notes.

12oz bags available in whole beans or ground