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Fred's Roast

EL PATRON - Colombian Medium Roast

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Pablo Escobar, aka - El Patron.

One of the most infamous names tied to Colombia.

El Patron means the boss, or the one who is in charge, and when it comes to coffee, Colombian coffee takes the top spot. For almost 200 years, Colombian coffee has been known for its mild, but rich aroma and flavor, that rises from every cup.

Our first medium roasted bean, Colombia Reserva del Patron Narino, comes from Narino, the southernmost district of Colombia. The coffee is grown and "cherry-picked" (pardon the pun) from select and specific growing conditions; high-altitude plantations only. The Narino is an essential Colombian coffee. Nariño coffee's rank right up there with the best coffee in the world.

Cupping notes: Bright and fruity, yet very well balanced. Excellent body, deep, rich. complex and bright. Fruity (currants and plums) overtones with a nice chocolate background, just a hint of earthiness and a long, satisfying finish.

12oz bags available in whole beans or ground